Change creates a physical and emotional reaction, even if the changes are for good. Unpacking this phenomenon and then researching why change has these impacts … I realised that adults have a need to avoid loss – a loss of perceived competence, a loss of the known and familiar.

Logic and rationality is only possible when we become conscious of the immune like reaction that our bodies have to change. When we are able to dissect the reaction and reasons for it, we can that start to apply some analysis and rational thinking – it might be to validate the fear reaction or dispute it with evidence and allocating appropriate proportion to it.

Kegan & Lahey have developed a framework that enables a person or groups to work through and determine what underlies the change reactions, validating and honouring the losses in a way that enables our logical and conscious mind make some decisions about appropriate responses to the change.

Although this process can be one of pure self reflection and completed independently, being guided through the process and framework by a third party, enables the conscious and subconscious fully engage in the exploration process. It’s one of the aspects of coaching that I have enjoyed over the years and have received great feedback from coaches at all levels of the organisation.

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